To Be Continued…

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Ho ho ho! Here’s a show I’m working on.

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Bits and Pieces

Here’s some art I forgot to post. The first is a collab between my buddy Aaron (voice of Quinn) and I. He illustrated, I inked and colored. It has since been printed, and hangs framed in Mandi’s (voice of Zee’s) room. The next two are some Zee designs I’m noodling around with. She’s becoming more of a posh artificer than an engineer. The fourth is some alt MAD artwork by my friend Lars. Oh, and it’s done! I finished the boards! Time to start pitching!

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Here Comes The Science — Update

After drawing and revising and rewriting and redrawing and revising, I’m finally close to completing my M.A.D. Science storyboards. I’m really happy with how this project is shaping up. In a couple more months I’ll develop the animatic and release it online.



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I got to animate on Nerdland! It’s about two friends (Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt) doing a bunch of crazy shit! This was one of the most fun styles I got to work in, and I had a blast drawing ultraviolence and wacky expressions.Also, I drew myself in the Nerdland style for my current Facebook profile picture.Me

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Here Comes the Science


I’m working on a new cartoon! Well, I’m working on a new cartoon animatic. That’s still cool though! Come back! Here are some sketches.Poster


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Moonbeam City

I had the distinct privilege of animating on Moonbeam City. Watch it Wednesdays on Comedy Central 10:30/9:30c. Not convinced? Here’s a dancing baby I animated.


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Interstella was a series and animated short idea I pitched to Nickelodeon and Frederator earlier this year. They passed on it, but it was a fun idea I got my friends Aaron and Mandi (who you might remember as Quinn and Zee) to help me turn this into an animatic.
Now that it’s finished, I thought I’d share the pitch bible I made featuring an expanded cast and world. You can view it right here:

It was a really great experience making this all happen, and I’m ready to do it all again next year when I come up with another ridiculous concept! Until then, here is some of the artwork and designs I made throughout the process.

InterstellaCoverInterStella StellaLineup


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Lady Adventurers

Zee, Helvetica, and introducing Ember!


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Mad Characters

Here’s some redesigns of my mad scientist characters.MADLighting

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